Blended Families hold stronger bonds than “normal” families

I am in a relationship that to many may seem normal and to others just don’t understand how I can even be in it. My boyfriend and I have been in a 9 year relationship. We have two children together a 5 year old and 1 year old. He has two older children that are 14 and 10, both of them have a different mother. The relationship has somehow always seemed normal to us. Our generation has many different individuals coming together that are what I like to call ‘blended’. With teen pregnancies and divorce rates at a high in the 2000’s it was only a normal effect on society. In a blended families there are more opportunities to better yourself and the children that are hidden beneath the surface. For the adults it forces you to better your communication skills and tolerance. You need to talk clearly through the past anger so that your children are taken care of. The adults grow tolerance because they learn how to focus their energy and thoughts on the children. The children of the families gain double the people who love them. Majority of blended families extended family ensure that all the children in the house are treated equal blood related or not. So for some traditional living may be the only way they see a perfect family. But while I am living in a blended family I feel lucky to love more children than I have had.